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Effects Pedals
    • JHS Pedals JHS Pedals Sweet Tea V3

      Sweet Tea V3
      Sweet Tea V3Sweet Tea V3Sweet Tea V3

      VERSION 3 VIDEOS, Released July 2017

      Version 2 Videos

      Price: $315
      The Sweet Tea V3 is our "Everything Medium-to-High gain 2-in-1” and it covers all the bases from light breakup,

    • Boss Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

      Even with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS continues to push the envelope and innovate. The new DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential with Modulation Del

    • Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) Volume and Expression Pedal

      With the Dunlop Volume Pedal (X), you will have complete control over your guitar or bass tone. Equipped with its patent-pending Band Drive technology, this solidly built pedal can create smooth volume swells without the fear of breakup or change in feel

    • Keeley Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb

      The DDR combines the most common guitar effects–DRIVE and WET–into one pedal. Choose between two classic overdrives and then pour on some delay or reverb.

      The DRIVE section gives you two styles of overdrive to choose from: Crunch or Lead. The Crunch S

    • Keeley Keeley Fuzz Bender 3 Transistor Hybrid Fuzz

      The Keeley Fuzz Bender is a 5 knob – 3 transistor modern fuzz using a combination of high-gain silicon and silky smooth germanium. What makes fuzz better? Active EQ. Using two gyrators as an active EQ gives you the ability to create massive fuzz tones

    • JHS Pedals JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Uni-Vibe Vibrato Chorus

      Pink Floyd’s “Breathe,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner live at Woodstock 1969," and Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs” cemented the sound of a photocell-based vibe effect as an electric guitar standard. The JHS Pedals Unicorn is our version of this he

    • JHS Pedals JHS Pedals SuperBolt V2

      SuperBolt V2
      SuperBolt V2SuperBolt V2SuperBolt V2SuperBolt V2SuperBolt V2
      NEW VERSION 2!!!


      “The SuperBolt is the result of me becoming slightly obsessed with old Supro/Valco amps from the 60’s.

    • JHS Pedals JHS Pedals Emperor V2 Chorus/Vibrato

      Emperor V2
      Emperor V2Emperor V2Emperor V2
      Demo Videos

      Price: $199
      In 2014 we brought you the Emperor V1, a 100% Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo. Now in 2018 we are proud to bring you the Emperor V2!

      There are two ways to look at th

    • Boss Boss GE-7 Equalizer

      The GE-7 Equalizer pedal offers seven bands of EQ ranging from 100Hz to 6.4kHz, ideal for guitar sounds, with boost/cut of +/- 15dB per band. This lets you completely control your sound and eliminate unwanted feedback, particularly wh

    • Boss Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal

      The BD-2 Blues Driver delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. This popular pedal provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old t

    • Carl Martin Carl Martin TremO'Vibe - World Class Tremolo and Vibrato

      The Carl Martin TremO´vibe is an analog “two in one” effect pedal consisting of a tremolo and a real vibrato, both with independent sets of speed and depth controls.
      The tremolo effect works like a change in volume. The vibrato, which works as a change i

    • Carl Martin Carl Martin Quattro (w/Chorus) Quattro - Mutli Effect-Drive/Comp/Chorus/Echo

      With classic guitar tone disappearing down the road of digital modeling amps and effects, Carl Martin is proud to introduce the Quattro….four of the most popular Carl Martin effects in one package.
      The Quattro begins with Carl Martin’s award winning Comp

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