Aguilar Limited Tone Hammer 350 LTD Chocolate Brown Bass Head



•Limited-Edition Chocolate Brown Faceplate: With stylish looks that stand out from the pack, the Limited-
Edition Chocolate Brown Tone Hammer 350 amplifier is not just a fantastic stand-alone amplifier, but the

perfect complement to the new for 2023 Chocolate Brown and Fawn SL 110 cabinets.
•Drive Circuit: The Drive circuit allows you to add subtle distortion and midrange punch to your sound, similar
to the sound of a tube amplifier being pushed.
•Fully Sweepable Midrange Controls: The Tone Hammer series allows you to fine-tune your midrange by
either boosting or cutting any frequency from 180 Hz – 1 kHz.
•Continuous Wattage: Our amplifiers are rated for continuous wattage, not peak wattage. Peak power is the
maximum power that the power supply can sustain for a short time. Continuous power refers to the amount
of power that the power-amp can supply continuously. This means that our amplifiers will give you max
wattage and headroom without risk of your amp shutting down.

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