Dunlop Authentic Hendrix Strap JH07 - Fillmore

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Hendrix is undeniably the most influential guitarist who ever lived. Not only has his soulful expression resonated with billions across the globe, but his penchant for stage flair truly captured the spirit of a generation. Today, some of Hendrix's most recognizable guitar, strap, and poster art is available to fans everywhere in the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Strap collection. Each strap in this series has been approved by the Authentic Hendrix corporation, owned and operated by Jimi's family, right down to the fabrics, patterns, and stitching.

The Dunlop JH01 is a re-creation of Hendrix's most iconic strap, the one he wore onstage at Woodstock in 1969. It's made from 2" Jacquard-woven fabric for a bold look and comfortable playing experience, with genuine leather ends and a widely adjustable length to suit most players. If you're a Hendrix fan, don't miss your chance to add this strap to your collection.

Tech Specs
  • Material:Woven Fabric with Leather Ends
  • Color:Multi-color
  • Width:2"
  • Min Length:37"
  • Max Length:61"
  • Pattern:Woodstock
  • Manufacturer Part Number:JH01

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