Blackstar Debut 10E Guitar Amp Combo

$99.99 $109.99


Amazing sounding practice amps with patented ISF and built-in 'tape' delay effect.

Debut practice amps deliver the ultimate playing experience for guitarists who are just starting out and want great tone. Their simple to use, analogue design combine with gorgeous high-end cosmetics to create the most desirable practice amps available.
Whatever your ability or budget, these cool amps raise the benchmark for tone, features and desirability. Make a Debut your first choice.

*Simple to use, all-analogue design for natural sounding clean and overdrive tones.
*Gorgeous vintage cream and ox-blood styling using premium covering, fret and hardware.
*Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control so you can dial in any tone.
*Unique '˜tape™' echo effect built-in makes playing a pleasure.
*Stereo playback of MP3/Line in source makes Debut perfect for listening music, games, movies, backing tracks and more.
*Headphone and speaker emulated output for '˜silent™' practice and easy recording.
*Designed by the same UK R&D team as Blackstar™'s high-end valve amps.
*The same level of testing and critical listening tests as all Blackstar products.
*Stereo linear speakers perfect for music playback.
*The speaker emulated output has tonal characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet and provides a natural tone for recording or headphone use.


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