Breedlove Pursuit Exotic S Concert Blue Eyes CE Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood

$749 $999


Concert    Soft    African mahogany (Khaya)    Solid Myrtlewood    Myrtlewood    Blue Eyes Gloss    Blue Eyes Gloss    Stained Satin    Ovangkol (stain black)    Ovangkol (stain black)    Tortoise    Asymmetrical    2.3mm Ovangkol (stain black) Gloss    None    643mm    20    43mm    15.37"    9"    11.28"    19.875"    91mm    106mm    100mm    None    NO    NO    Cascade Bracing Concert    European spruce    Tortoise    BCpB    BCpB    None    Copper silk screen    3mm Brass offset dots    2mm Brass    Tortoise w/BCpB + BCpB outer ring    No    2.0mm Nickel    TUSQ    TUSQ    Copper    Copper Closed Gear    Fishman Presys I    D'Addario XT Light    None

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