Carl Martin DeLayla - Classic delay tone

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The Carl Martin DeLayla was designed and developed with one goal in mind: To create a superior analogue delay pedal, incorporating some of the same features used in vintage tape delay units. To achieve this, we have incorporated a second delay tap (similar to using two heads simultaneously on a tape delay).
The TAP footswitch is used to turn the second tap on or off.
The TAP knob controls the mix of main delay vs. second tap delay.
Clockwise movement favours the second tap; counter clockwise favours the main delay.
The result is a warm, smooth sound reminiscent of the vintage tape units used in the 50’s and 60’s.
The DeLayla is able to capture one of the hardest sounds: that authentic rock ‘n roll slapback echo that digital processors are unable to emulate.
The unit also features a built in regulated (+-12V) power supply.

Let me say straight off the bat that the Carl Martin DeLayla is the best stomp box I have ever had the pleasure of using.
After plugging in my guitar and hitting the on switch my jaw hit the ground, this is the holy grail of guitar delay. The DeLayla sounds so much like a tape delay, I tell you, the smile on my face started to hurt after a while.
The main delay is sweet and musical; think classic Jimmy Page or early U2. The DeLayla sounded awesome when used as part of an effect loop. This unit worked great on stage with absolutely no noise at all and was masterful in the recording studio. I bussed this unit across a vocal with no apparent problems, the low signal to noise ratio makes using the DeLayla in the studio a piece of cake and I feel this unit is usable for far more than just guitar tracks.

GITAAR PLUS (Netherlands)
“Never did a manufacturer of effect pedals succeed in building a small tape echo type of effect as efficient as Carl Martin did.” “Ventures and Shadows fans won’t be disappointed as the sound quality is at a much higher level than we are used to with pedals.”

The ‘tap’ facility certainly feels right on the money in terms of replicating the trickling sound of a genuine multihead tape echo – minus the annoying mechanical noises or humming as the tape begins to degrade. Setting up very authentic-sounding vintage echo tones is very easy – we had bags of fun wielding a Strat and the DeLayla to conjure up same cool Shadows impressions.
Overall, the main delay has a very warm and musical quality that endears itself quickly. Hooked into the FX loops an a pair of good quality solid-state and tube guitar amps, the DeLayla performs well, adding a subtle ambient halo to the guitar sounds, and unlike same other analogue delay pedals, the DeLayla’s low signal-to-noise ratio doesn’t present any problems when recording with the unit.
The DeLayla’s appeal lies mainly in the extremely high build-quality and simple, yet effective design. Hard working retro rockers disenchanted by the high prices demanded for vintage tape echo devices will find this hard to beat.

The quality of sound is excellent with a beautifully rich and organic tone, and there’s plenty of delay time for the majority of classic repeat effects.
The Delayla produces a stunning slap-back echo that sounds really vintage-authentic, made bigger and richer with some of the tap effects mixed in.

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