ddrum 50w Electronic Percussion Amplifier with Bluetooth

$299 $493


With 50 watts or power and now upgraded to include Bluetooth connectivity, the DDA50-BT is a great amplification choice for drummers or any musician requiring full range performance in a powerful compact form-factor. This amp features a powerful 10 woofer, a crystal clear 2.5 tweeter, and a 3 band E to dial in the. You could also utilize the 1/8 input for music playback if Bluetooth is not an option on your audio source. In addition to being a great practice amp for drummers playing electronics, it has the power to allow its use in rehearsals and small stages. A very powerful and versatile amplification tool in a compact affordable package.

Product Details:

  • 1 10" woofer
  • 2.5" tweeter
  • 2 inputs 1/4 Plug in
  • 1 auxiliary input 1/4 Plug in
  • 1 headphone input 1/8 plug in
  • 1 MP3 input 1/8 plug in
  • 15.5 inches X 15.5inches X 16.25 inches
  • Now with Bluetooth capability

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