Death by Audio Apocalypse Fuzz





The Apocalypse is our jack-of-all trades fuzz pedal. After being dramatically overdriven, the signal is routed to one of five selectable post-amplifiers for five wild and unique fuzz tones. Toggle through its five signal paths and choose your desired apocalyptic sound. To further refine this beast, control the Sweepabale Frequency Equalizer and carve your tone out just the way you like it. 


Use this pedal as a boost for solos, an amp simulated recording DI, your main fuzz sound, a bass blitzer, or run anything into it you want to beef up, blast out, destroy, or supercharge!!

Five switchable post-amplifiers produce drastically varying and unique fuzz / overdrive / distortion tones: Twin T Scoop - scooped mids, adds treble & bass, War Fuzz - rich dynamic fuzz/distortion, Dual J-FET - harder clipping w/ more compression than War Fuzz, Octave Rect - sums bottom & top half of waveform for octave up, Gain x1000 - super high gain for erratic blown-out distortion; Lifetime Guarantee; handmade in Queens, NYC, USA

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