Death by Audio Deep Animation Filter Pedal

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This mangled, filter-sweeping, abruptly overdriving pedal is designed to respond to your playing. It syncs its wave-thumping movement with the force at which you play.  It multiplies dynamics into a hyper-exaggerated frenzy. It adds just the right amount of movement to punch through the mix and it reacts to an external trigger of your choosing to follow your tempo. Six selectable frequency ranges mean you're always gonna have just the right quack and oomph for whatever's plugged in! The sounds are wild, the thump is thick, and the animation is deep. 


Aggressive envelope filter w/ extra wide range six-way Frequency Selector rotary switch to tune filter for the frequency range of your instrument; Trigger input to sync w/ drum machine or other input sources; Up / Down Footswitch selects between upward or downward filter sweep and changes gain structuring; Intuitive Intensity control simultaneously adjusts filter amount, resonance, and grit; subtle light behind Bypass LED indicates presence of external trigger; Lifetime Guarantee; handmade in Queens, NYC, USA

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