Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver

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The Interstellar Overdriver is a true overdrive pedal, designed to blast your amp with your sound. Beautifully transparent and based around a discrete circuit, this pedal is all about the natural, wonderful sound of turning an amp up too loud. It's specifically constructed to work the same way as old tube amps - the more you turn it up, the better it sounds. The drive knob sweeps from a slight boost to a beautiful, harmonically rich overdrive. For more control, kick back the output volume with the MASTER knob while retaining the sweetness. There are a lot of pedals out there attempting to do this simple, beautiful thing, but this one just might do it best.


Transparent, discrete overdrive; ragged tweed-like overdrive tones; can be used as clean boost; accurately reproduces tube-like sag heard in vintage combo amps, cleans up well & responds dynamically to changes in guitar volume and pick attack; Ranges from clean boost to rich, characterful pushed drive sound; Lifetime Guarantee; handmade in Queens, NYC, USA

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