Death by Audio Robot Pitch Pedal

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The Robot is a low fidelity 8 bit pitch transposer with absolutely no feelings whatsoever. It is completely synthetic and transforms any input into a puree of resynthesized robot jargon. Features bendable super lo-fi fuzz, octave up, octave down, and arpeggiation. All modes are controlled by the Control Knob, which sets the frequency the chip operates at, changing and warping the pitch shifting and aliasing effects. 

Intuitive 8-bit multi-octave / arpeggiator / ringmod/ pitch shifting / bit crusher effect; Rotary Selector chooses one of four modes. Control Knob controls the clock of the chip, affecting both the individual sounds and interaction between pitch, ring mod, fidelity, and crushing across all modes. Modes: Normal - resynthesized 8-bit version of input, Control knob fully clockwise is unison, ring pitch gets lower as knob is turned counterclockwise; Octave Down - 8-bit lower octave, Control knob fully clockwise is one octave down and ring is ~ 7th up, pitch gets lower and goes below one octave as the Control knob is turned down; Octave Up - Control knob fully clockwise yields one octave up, pitch goes down as Control turned down; Arpeggiator - pitch arpeggiates in sequence creating a well-loved and familiar sound found in analog synths, the Control knob adjusts the speed of the arpeggiator; Lifetime Guarantee; handmade in Queens, NYC, USA

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