Death by Audio Rooms Reverb

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ROOMS is a stereo, multi-function digital reverb capable of searing volume, gated walls of sound, and long, trailing reverberant ambiances with an intuitive array of controls designed with live mood-bending in mind.

ROOMS was designed to the highest standards of flexibility and audio fidelity. A studio-quality mixer section provides independent DRY and FX controls over six meticulously programmed reverb algorithms; ROOM, DIGIT, PEAK, GATE, WAVE, and GONG. Each different verb is capable of a universe of sounds, and ROOMS is here to help you explore them.

ROOMS' creative I/O switching and dual-mono dry signal lines allow for a wealth of possible mono and stereo configurations, making it easy to route signals for parallel processing or stereo amplifier setups.

ROOM - A classic reverb that simulates many different rooms DIGIT - A filter matrix verb capable of creating otherworldly resonances and fractured repeats. PEAK - A super intense bandpass filter combined with an ambient reverb. WAVE - A gated reverb. Short reverb times create a classic gate effect, long reverb times create a controllable freeze effect. GATE - Creates a pitch vibrato effect. Lowering TIME will blend out the reverb signal, allowing sweeps from chorus/vibrato to long modulated reverbs. GONG - Ethereal, crushed reverb sounds guaranteed to make you a star in the upcoming remake of DUNE and live out your sci-fi fantasies of space travel and galactic domination. Control the spice, control the universe. ALT footswitch switches between two sets of controls and engages expression pedal (optional).
Clever I/O switching also allows for a variety of routing possibilities for parallel processing and stereo amplifier setups.
Hi-fidelity output mixer designed in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments.


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