Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun

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The Supersonic Fuzz Gun is a completely unique take on a fuzz pedal made with the extremes of manipulation in mind. The controls interact with one another to create a huge array of gated and oscillating fuzz sounds. It can scream, it can blast, it can implode, it can doom, and it can gloom. Possible sounds vary from (relatively) straightforward distorted guitar to shards of total insanity. This pedal is well at home making its own howls, chirps, growls, and sputters - harness the unruliest electric destroyer we make with the Supersonic Fuzz Gun

Synth-like velcro fuzz with Gate and Oscillator modes; extremely interactive controls; Gate - ripping velcro fuzz sounds w/ built-in gate, Oscillator - switches in tunable oscillator for drones, feedback, octaves, harmonies, etc.; Bias control adjusts output transistor voltage allowing for velcro zipper-fuzz tones; Density interacts with BIAS to control input gain and bass in Gate mode / tunes oscillator in Osc. mode; musical Filter control sweeps high frequencies & can produce wide ranges of textures, starves, and octaves; Lifetime Guarantee; handmade in Queens, NYC, USA

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