Dunlop 44P1.25 Nylon Standard Picks - 1.25mm Extra Heavy, 12 Pack

Sale price$5.49


For decades, Dunlop USA's Nylon Standard Guitar Picks have been considered the gold standard by the finest players across a variety of genres. Now, Dunlop builds on its Nylon Standard line with an extra-heavy formulation designed to give tone chasers a sound and rigidity that stands up to heavier forms of shredding and slow handing. Dunlop Nylon Standard picks give you the control and response to cover a gamut of musical styles - from country twang and delta blues to classic rock and modern metal. Each pick in the 44P125 pack sports the classic teardrop shape and grip-enhancing knurled surface preferred by legions of discerning players. Whether you're soloing or chording, leading or accompanying, this means you'll find the playability you need to perform your best. Tone is something you can't afford to leave to chance.

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