Ernie Ball 2812 Regular Slinky Flatwound Electric Bass Strings 50-105

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Our ball ends are made using brass wire rod which is machined and cut to exacting specifications to ensure a precise fit and function.


Slinky Flatwounds feature a SuperBright Cobalt Ribbon wrap and Cobalt Underwraps providing a round sound with a flat feel.


These strings feature an optimal core to wrap ratio for a slinky, supple feel that provides the playability and sustain of roundwounds.

Our Strings
The Process CapturedSmelting

Alloys used for strings start from ore which is smelted using high heat to remove impurities. The material is cooled and forged into shape for conversion to wire. Our exclusive alloys used for Cobalt Slinky, M-Steel Slinky, and Aluminum Bronze strings are smelted to our exacting specifications to ensure optimum performance and consistency.

Raw Materials

Our strings are made with the finest and freshest raw materials which are specified to exacting tolerances to ensure optimal consistency and performance. Strings consist of fine diameter wire which is supplied on spools. Each type of string consists of a specific combination of wire materials and sizes.

Ball End Fabrication

Guitar and bass ball ends are made using brass wire rod. The brass is machined and cut to exacting specifications to ensure a precise fit and function. The ball ends are then deburred, cleaned, and inspected before they are ready for use.

String Winding

Wound strings consist of a core and a wrap layer. Cores are manufactured by cutting hexagonal shaped wire to length and twisting one end with a specific shape and twist count to attach a ball end. Once made, cores are loaded onto winding machines which spin the core while laying a consistent winding of wrap wire around the core.

Coated Strings

Coated strings are treated using our own proprietary nanotechnology. Strings are staged in bundles which are loaded into chambers which prepare the string surface and apply the treatment.


All raw materials and strings must pass a multi-point inspection process. Our strings are inspected repeatedly throughout the manufacturing and packaging processes.


Ernie Ball single strings are coiled and packaged individually in order according to specific Slinky gauge requirements. The Slinky sets are then processed and flow wrapped in air tight individual foil packs.


Strings are packaged using our Element Shield design which uses impermeable film that is wrapped and sealed to ensure sets are provided with maximum protection.

Immersion Test

Packaged strings are checked for a quality seal using a pressurized water chamber which subjects packs to an elevated level of stress across every seal. This ensures that the packages are completely air tight and the quality of the seal is optimal.

Boxed And Ready To Ship

Once packaged and inspected, our last step is to box up the strings and send them on their way to be played by musicians all over the world.

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