ESP LTD EC Guitar Form Fit Case



Keep Your ESP EC Guitar Safe with This Case

Protect your ESP EC guitar with the ESP EC Guitar Case. Ruggedly built, this wood case sports a durable tolex covering, molded handle, and strong latches. Gigging is hard enough on a guitar, why not keep it protected the rest of the time? The ESP EC Guitar Case helps protect your axe from bumps, dings, and scratches. The plush interior cradles your guitar in comfort and keeps it free from dust, dirt, and the weather. Guard your guitar against unnecessary damage with the ESP EC Guitar Case.

This ESP EC Guitar Case was designed to fit ESP Eclipse-II, ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I, and ESP LTD EC guitar models. Also fits Truckster, WA-Series, JK-1, KH_DC, Jeff Hanneman EC, RZK-II BURNT, and MHK-7 guitars.

ESP EC Guitar Case Features:

  • Designed to fit ESP electric guitars, specifically ESP Eclipse-II, ESP LTD Elite Eclipse-I, and ESP LTD EC guitar models
  • Robust wood construction
  • Durable Tolex finish
  • Plush interior
  • Molded handle and rugged latches

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