Fender 351 Dura-Tone .71 12-Pack, Olympic White Guitar Picks

$4.99 $5.99


Add some color to your sound with this 351-shaped Delrin pick.

This durable pick is crafted from extruded Delrin, in several classic Fender colors, with a matte finish for improved grip. Long-lasting and durable, Delrin has a stiffer feel than celluloid, which gives a strong, well-defined attack to every stroke. The 351 shape—our most popular—works well for any musical genre and has a traditional feel. Connecting to our past, these picks are available in the gauges we used in the late-‘70s.

Product Specs

Model Name351 Dura-Tone .71 12-Pack, Olympic White

Model #1987351800

SeriesDura-ToneCountry Of OriginUS

ColorOlympic White

Dimensions0.03x2.50x4.30 INWeight0.05 LB

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