Fender Strummer Pro 13' Instrument Cable, Drab Green



The Legendary Joe Strummer played guitar with an intensity that cut like a knife with raw energy and passion in every intense swipe at the strings. He was the embodiment of Punk culture and a crucial component to its development. Best known for his work with The Clash, Strummer and his bandmates were a major part of creating punk rock and has inspired countless other bands to this day.

Celebrate Joe Strummer™'s unparalleled style and substance with his signature 'œKnow Your Rights' cable. This eclectic instrument cable is designed to be unique -- with a lucky 13™' length, Drab Green PVC jacket, and his very own signature on the cable™'s shrink wrap. This high-performance cable is a perfect choice for the aspiring punk rocker, street poet, or roving troubadour.

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