Fishman SA Sub 300W Subwoofer for the SA330x

Sale price$399.95


Add Powerful Bass Response to Your SA330x

Get the Fishman SA Sub powered subwoofer to add impressive bass performance to your SA330x Performance Audio System. With an 8" high-excursion woofer driven by 300 watts of power, the SA Sub promises "enough low end to fill a 150-person room." It's perfect if you want to use your SA330x for DJs or full-range music playback, and musicians like how it adds power and depth to solo acoustic performances too. Complete with an adjustable lowpass filter to fine-tune your sound and a built-in limiter to keep signal spikes in check, the Fishman SA Sub allows you to get the most out of your SA330x Performance Audio System.

Fishman SA Sub Powered Subwoofer Features at a Glance:

  • Powered subwoofer for use with Fishman SA330x Performance Audio System
  • Impressive punch and power from an 8" woofer driven by 300 watts
  • Phase Invert switch helps correct polarity issues for best bass response
  • Built-in limiter prevents unwanted signal spikes
  • 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs, 2 XLR full-range pass-through outputs

Put some punch in your solo performance with the Fishman SA Sub.

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