Hal Leonard Drums for Kids



  • This concise title is one of the most user-friendly how-tos for beginners to hit the market lately.

    In this thirty-two-page method book, author Scott Schroedl puts thoughtful consideration into the tools that a novice of any age needs in developing basic drumset skills. Simple, straightforward descriptions and illustrations of setting up the kit, holding the sticks, and reading drum notation begin the journey. Sections on developing quarter- and 8th-note reading skills on the snare, adding rests, and then building ear training (with the aid of well-recorded online play-along tracks) make it easy to track your progress. Once bass drum training begins, classic rock play-alongs invite the musical aspect of development. Schroedl cleverly introduces each piece of the kit (cymbals, toms, etc.) via well-known tunes that complement each addition until total drumming bliss is achieved. 'œLess is more' certainly applies to this well-done package.

    Review by Mike Haid - Modern Drummer, March 2017

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