Ibanez MRB350C Roadtour Bass Hard Case

$249.99 $304.99



    • Product Name
    • ROADTOUR Case
    • Description
    • Ibanez bass guitar cases are ideal for players who want to transport their precious gear safely with road-tough protection, but also require a lighter case. The rugged shell of the Ibanez MRB350C ROADTOUR case protects your guitar from dents, scratches, dust and water. Inside, It features a special mold design for accommodating many electric bass guitars and left-handed models. Moreover, it can fit 4-string, 5-string and even 6-string models. The MRB350C can be securely locked up while flying or traveling with it TSA-approved lock.
    • Others
    • •High quality ABS material
      •TSA-approved lock
      •Accommodate various body shape models
      •For SR, SRMD, BTB, EHB(except short scale), TMB and Left-handed models
    • Exterior Length
    • 1280mm
    • Exterior Width
    • 420mm
    • Exterior Depth
    • 135mm
    • Interior Overall Length
    • 1200mm
    • Interior Lower Body Length
    • 535mm
    • Inner Top Length
    • 265mm
    • Inner Swell Width
    • 355mm
    • Inner Head Width
    • 340mm
    • Inner Bodyhollow Depth
    • 40mm
    • Weight
    • 5.2kg

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