JHS Pedals SuperBolt V2

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“The SuperBolt is the result of me becoming slightly obsessed with old Supro/Valco amps from the 60’s. Years ago, I was working with an artist that had a Super at the heart of his live rig and I fell in love with the overdrive/distortion that sounded so old but somehow fit perfectly in any style of music. I remember, during a sound check, strumming a chord through that amp with the volume on 8 and being floored by the biggest rock tone I had ever heard, coming from a 1 knob amp with an 8” speaker. I started collecting Supros and other Valco amps like the Gretsch, National, Airline and Vega, finding them all over the country and building a modest collection that allowed me to understand the brand and designs as a whole. From my Thunderbolt, that I found in a Mississippi barn loft and totally restored, to my Supreme, which I saved from a garage sale in Kansas, I gathered about 10 of these amplifiers in a 2 year period. My goal was simple: I wanted to create an overdrive pedal that recreated this tone and feel in any amp.” 

–Josh Scott/Owner of JHS

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