Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System

$449.99 $699.99


Multi-function amp useful in a variety of situations
Excellent design delivers high-quality sound, with playback capability that covers the full range from high to low, and power far beyond its size
Compact one-piece construction allows easy transportation, connection, and setup
Dedicated "KONNECT App" lets you wirelessly control the mix
Play back music wirelessly via Bluetooth
High-quality effects per channel and master reverb
Provides optimal EQ presets (VOICING function) for a variety of instruments and musical styles
SCENE function lets you recall settings instantly
Feedback suppressor prevents acoustic feedback
Panel layout is easy to use without confusion
Center cancel lets users reduce the volume of the vocal or guitar in a song
Each channel is equipped with EQ, pan, mute & solo, and phase switch
Can be mounted on a speaker stand
Dedicated carrying bag is available

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