Levy's 2" Poly Tattoo Series Guitar Strap - B&W Tribal design

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Levy’s 2″ Poly Tattoo Series Guitar Strap was designed in the Tribal style of tattooing, representing ancient designs that are still popular today. As part of the initial launch of this series, it is the first of many designs planned to honor this style. with Black Leather ends. Adjustable from 35” to 60”

The new Levy’s Tattoo series guitar straps pay tribute to the beautiful and diverse tattooing art and represent several styles and eras of this ancient artform. Tattooing has become accepted as a true artform with some of the world’s best artists creating visual

masterpieces on unique canvases. From Old School to Tribal, New School to Black and Grey, Tattoo art is as diverse as it is beautiful. Available in 3 styles, Tribal, Old School, and Clowns.

Levy’s 2″ Tattoo Series polyester guitar strap

Tribal Tattoo Design

Adjustable to 60″

One-ply printed polyester guitar strap

Leather ends

Black plastic loop and slide hardware

Adjustable from 35″ to 60″.

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