Matthews Effects The Astronomer V2 Celestial Reverb

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The Astronomer V2 is a unique three-knob reverb pedal that harnesses the power of the celestial bodies.  Chart your course with two sets of identical controls allowing you to jump between the top and bottom row of knobs effortlessly. Always visible and editable on the fly, this works as a preset without any programming or menu diving.  You can set each row to be a completely different sound. For example, set a deep shimmer on one, a light reverb on the other or create any combination of two distinct sounds and alternate between them instantly. For each set of controls, there is a slide switch on the side of the pedal that lets you select one of three reverb effect constellations: Canis Major, Orion and Ursa Major.  Discover an entire universe of unique reverb effects using the Astronomer V2 pedal.



The Astronomer V2 has two sets of slide switches on the left side of the pedal that let you choose one of these three algorithms for each row of controls:

Canis Major - This constellation is an EchoVerb effect designed with droning and swells in mind.  The "Glow" knob controls the mix of the shimmer while the "Travel" knob adjusts the decay time of the reverb.  Canis Major excels at pads and layering.

Orion - This is the quintessential hall reverb effect. Select the amount of celestial shimmer using the  "Glow" control. Turned down "Glow" delivers a classic hall reverb or dime it out for a unique sound that's straight from the heavens.  

Ursa Major - Ursa Major is a chamber reverb effect. Dial in a pre-reverb octave using the "Glow" control. Turn "Glow" all the way down for a haunting dark reverb that’s great for lead lines. Slowly turn it up to add particles and emulate the sound of the cosmos.  



Mass - Adjust the Wet/Dry mix using the "Mass" control.  All the way up is a 100% wet signal.


Glow - Adjusts the mix of the shimmer on the Orion and Canis Major effect. Adjusts the octave mix on the Ursa Major effect.


Travel - Adjusts the decay time of all three reverb algorithms.


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