Mogami Gold Instrument Silent R-18 Cable Right-Angle/Straight, 18'



The 18' Gold Instrument Silent R-18 Cable from Mogami features a 1/4" TS right-angled Neutrik Silent Plug on the instrument side, which gives musicians and engineers the ability to hot-swap instruments without that annoying pop when connecting and disconnecting their instruments. The Silent Plug side of the cable has a red finish for easy identification, with a 1/4" TS Neutrik straight connector on the amplifier/pedal plug-in side. The Silent Cable is manufactured with Mogami 2524 instrument wire. In addition, this high clarity and high-definition cable has a thick density shield and premium-quality Neutrik 1/4" connectors. Because musicians move around a lot on stage while performing, Mogami utilizes carbon impregnated PVC to provide an anti-static shield layer to prevent all handling noise.

Neutrik Silent Plug allows hot-swapping guitars without the annoying popOFC (oxygen-free copper) core for a high level of transparencyCarbon impregnated PVC eliminates handling noiseHigh-density spiral shieldConductive polymer sub-shieldNeutrik connector componentsUPC: 801813170573

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