Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2 Overdrive Distortion



Tweaking the platform of our Fault overdrive/distortion, we™'ve carved out room for greater gain range, voice control, and clipping options in the Fault Version 2. The Fault remains a great overdrive with footswitchable second gain stage and three band EQ, and now excels as a clean boost and tweakable high gain distortion as well.

Fault V2 features:

Master Volume, Gain, and Voice controls

Footswitchable second gain stage set by the Gain 2 knob

Sliders for Low, Mid, and High frequencies

Boost toggle to set range of Gain 1 knob from clean to mean

Crush toggle to add an additional post-EQ clipping stage

Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

Fault art by Evan M Cohen | evanmcohen.com

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