Orange Amps 35RT 1x10'' 35w Combo w/Reverb & Tuner Guitar Amplifier

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The Crush 35RT is the largest and most feature-laden model in the Crush range. Our new twin channel, high gain preamp coupled to a beefier 35 Watt output stage and 10″ Voice of the World speaker yields amazing results, delivering even greater punch, presence and volume. In addition to onboard reverb and an integrated chromatic tuner, the Crush 35RT also features Aux In for backing tracks and our CabSim-loaded headphone output.

To top it all off, the Crush 35RT is complete with a fully buffered, ultra transparent effects loop to truly get the most from your pedal setup. With features like these and more than enough bite and attitude for the rehearsal space, this combo goes way beyond the call of a traditional practice amplifier.


Our commitment to analogue amplifier circuitry in a digital age ensures Crush amps possess the lively feel and responsiveness that Orange is famous for, inspiring guitarists to play their instruments, not the technology. The Crush 35RT’s highly effective 3 band EQ section allows for huge control over your sound, from bold vintage colours to scooped modern tones.


Experience levels of detailed saturation and versatility never before heard in a practice amplifier. Building on the huge success of our Crush Pro series, our high gain preamp design puts a truly inspiring range of complex tones in the hands of the player. High quality, low noise components provide four stages of gain with exceptional richness and clarity. The result is amps that deliver everything from blissful cleans, to classic Bluesy Orange crunch all the way through to full-bodied, ultra high gain Metal distortion. Clean and Dirty channels can be switched on the amp’s top panel or remotely using the optional footswitch.


For players who love their pedals, the Crush 35RT’s fully buffered, low impedance loop allows for any number of effects and cables to be patched between the amp’s input and output sections without sacrificing tone. Our attention to detail here means your pedal arsenal will perform to its absolute peak.


The headphone/line output includes our new CabSim feature, faithfully emulating the sound of a mic’d Orange 4×12″ cabinet loaded with our flagship Voice of the World speakers. Use headphones for silent practice or connect to a mixer/recording console to capture huge, authentic Orange tones in the studio.


Based on a classic ‘spring’ type, the reverb in the Crush ‘RT models is an all-new digital module which adds a warm 3D spaciousness to your sound. Ranging from a subtle shimmer to lengthy ethereal trails the circuit features an analogue ‘dry through’, ensuring your guitar’s tone maintains its integrity as the reverb is blended in.  The integrated chromatic tuner is accurate and fast-tracking for quick tune-ups between jams.


Our own custom designed speakers deliver the perfect balance between modern low end punch and vintage highs, maintaining clarity even when pushed.


Finished in our legendary livery dating back to 1968, the Crush range features our basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‘picture frame’ edging and iconic hieroglyphs on the control panel.


The Crush originally came out in the year 2000 as has been updated and tweaked ever since. This latest line has some of the most significant improvements and upgrades in the line so far. I use Crush live and it’s my number one amp in the studio.

Ty TaborKing’s X – Watch the demo  

All modulation and delay effects were recorded with pedals in the Crush 35RT’s buffered effects loop.

“Crush 35RT - Clean Mellow Reverb”       00:00   00:00         1. “Crush 35RT - Clean Mellow Reverb” 0:41 2. “Crush 35RT - Clean Funk” 0:16 3. “Crush 35RT - Clean Slight Reverb” 0:25 4. “Crush 35RT - Clean Slap Back Echo In FX Loop” 0:16 5. “Crush 35RT - Clean Slap Back Echo In FX Loop (2)” 0:18 6. “Crush 35RT - Clean Phaser FX In FX Loop” 0:28 7. “Crush 35RT - Clean Chorus FX In FX Loop” 0:19 8. “Crush 35RT - Dirty Rhythm Slight Reverb” 0:18 9. “Crush 35RT - Lead Delay In FX Loop” 0:23 10. “Crush 35RT - Phase Lead Delay In FX Loop (2)” 0:16 11. “Crush 35RT - Heavy Riff Phaser & Delay In FX Loop” 0:21 12. “Crush 35RT - Heavy Scooped Rhythm” 0:20 13. “Crush 35RT - Cranked Lead Delay In FX Loop (3)” 0:12 14. “Crush 35RT - Heavy Rhythm Close Mic'd” 0:25 15. “Crush 35RT - Dirty Delay FX In FX Loop” 0:17 16. “Crush 35RT - Heavy Riff Double Track” 0:22 17. “Crush 35RT - Punk Rock Double Track” 0:26 18. “Crush 35RT - Heavy Rhythm Double Track” 0:18 19. “Crush 35RT - Metal Riff Double Track” 0:31   FEATURES: TWIN CHANNEL DESIGN WITH HIGH GAIN PREAMP, 3 BAND EQ, FULLY BUFFERED EFFECTS LOOP, REVERB, CHROMATIC TUNER, CABSIM-LOADED PHONES OUTPUT & AUX IN CONTROLS (RIGHT TO LEFT): CLEAN VOLUME, DIRTY GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, DIRTY VOLUME, CHANNEL SELECTOR SWITCH, (BELOW) INTEGRATED CHROMATIC TUNER, REVERB FINISH OPTIONS: ORANGE OR BLACK BASKETWEAVE VINYL OUTPUT POWER: 35 WATTS SPEAKER: CUSTOM 10″ VOICE OF THE WORLD UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 44 × 40 X 23CM (17.32 X 15.75 X 9″) UNBOXED WEIGHT: 11KG (25LB)    

The new Orange Crush 35RT combo is an extremely affordable-but-versatile Crush Series amp that does away with digital multieffects in favor of a simpler control layout with classic performance features, like two-channel operation.

Gold Award

Guitar World Magazine1/30/2015 – Watch Review  

The 35RT has plenty of classic and modern Orange tone on tap, sounding equally great at bedroom levels or cranked up with a band.

Both the clean and dirty channel sounds are warm, fat and punchy, fooling you into thinking you’re hearing a much bigger valve amp, rather than a compact solid-state combo.

Total Guitar3/3/2015  

“If you weren’t already convinced by the looks, the Crush 35RT’s sounds will leave you in no doubt about this brand’s heritage”

Music RadarMusic Radar  

…much more than your average practice box and could easily cover a lot of ground onstage in the hands of a resourceful player.

Premier Guitar

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