Korg Pa1000 61-Key Professional Arranger Keyboard

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Accompaniment/Song:2 insert effects; 2 master effects (148 types)Keyboard Sounds1 insert effect; 2 master effects (148 types)Final mastering effectsLimiter, Master EQVoice ProcessorEQ, Compressor, Gate, 3-voice Harmonizer (or Double), 2 x FX. Harmonizer, Double: Technology by TC•Helicon®PresetsMore than 30 Factory, 64 UserGuitar Processor3 x FX. Presets: 45 Factory, 64 User
Sounds / Drum Kits
FactoryMore than 1,750 Factory Sounds, including two multilayer Stereo Pianos with damper and body resonance, GM/XG sound sets and 107 Drum KitsUser512 Sounds, 256 Drum KitsDigital Drawbars9 footages, percussion, key on/off, leakage, rotary speaker effectDNC (Defined Nuance Control) Technology, Natural Ambience Drums Full Sounds/Drum Kits editing
User PCM Sample memory300 MB compressed (equivalent to 600 MB linear data)Loads KORG, WAV, AIFF and SoundFont™ formats
Saves KORG, WAV and AIFF formats
Full Edit, Time Slice, Sampling
FactoryMore than 430 Factory Styles, freely reconfigurable setsUser1,152 locations, including User and Direct banksEight Accompaniment tracks, 4 Keyboard Sets, 4 Pads per Style; Style Settings (Sounds and Arranger parameters) on each Style
Guitar Mode 2, Parallel and Fixed NTT (Note Transposition Table)
Style/Pad Record with Step Record, Track and Event Edit
Style Creator Bot (MIDI Song to Style Converter)Style controls3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Break, 3 Endings, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Bass Inversion, Auto Fill, Manual Bass, Memory, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Style to Keyboard Set Mode
Chord Sequencer
  Chord Sequence recorder and player in Style Play mode
Chord Sequences can be saved to Style and SongBook EntriesEdit functionsDelete, Copy from Style/SongBook, Import/Export from/to SMF
Keyboard Set Library
  Memorize Keyboard Sound settingsFactoryMore than 300 Keyboard Sets, freely reconfigurableUser864 locations, including User and Direct banks‘My Setting’ special Keyboard Set
Automatic MIDI FX generator
More than 65 Factory Presets

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