Bad Cat HOT CAT 112 Cabinet



Hot Cat 1x12 Cabinet
Portable, Powerful and Versatile
The Bad Cat Hot Cat 1x12 cabinet is a mid-size, open back design built for perfect pairing with
the Hot Cat Head or as an addition to the Hot Cat Combo.
This 1x12 enclosure gives a surprisingly big, full sound for its size and comes loaded with our
proprietary Celestion Bad Cat V30 speaker that sings with incredible detail and definition.
Best Cabinet Materials and Quality
The Hot Cat 1x12 Cabinet gives you the build quality, visual style, and high performance you
expect from Bad Cat. Featuring Baltic Birch wood cab, and speaker baffle, elegant Taurus vinyl,
silver piping, silver weave grille cloth, heavy gauge speaker wire, and hand-soldered jacks and
speakers. Full tones, great bass response, and plenty of volume pair perfectly with your Bad Cat
Premium Speaker for Detailed Tones
The single 12” Celestion Bad Cat speaker inside the Hot Cat 1x12 cabinet is not your run of the
mill loudspeaker. This undoped 60-watt, 12" Celestion driver is perfectly voiced for all kinds of
styles from glassy clean tones to massive crunch.
Plug your guitar amp into the Hot Cat cabinet and you’ll experience your tone in a whole new

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