Promark R5AFG Rebound 5A Firegrain Drumsticks



Promark FireGrain hickory drumsticks are heat tempered for unheard-of durability from a wood stick. This tempering process has no effect on sticks' weight, balance, or response in the hands. All it means is you get to spend less money replacing sticks and more time doing what you love: making music. Promark FireGrain Rebound 5A drumsticks are crafted from select dowels of American hickory, with added weight in the butt for greater stick control.

Tech Specs
  • Type:Sticks
  • Material:Hickory
  • Size:5A
  • Model:FireGrain
  • Tip Material:Wood
  • Length:16"
  • Diameter:.565"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:R5AFG

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