Promark TXDC17W System Blue Scott Johnson DC17 Drumsticks



These ProMark TXDC17W Scott Johnson Marching Drumsticks were designed by a drum corps legend to give you excellent dynamic control. And they're made from hickory for a responsive feel and long-lasting durability. The round tips make bold snare hits, and the medium taper offers a balanced response and rebound. Many drummers at Sweetwater have preferred ProMark drumsticks for years, and we're sure these TXDC17W Scott Johnson Marching Drumsticks will give you the control you need and the sound you want with your marching snare.

Tech Specs
  • Type:Sticks
  • Material:Hickory
  • Model:Scott Johnson
  • Tip Material:Wood
  • Length:17''
  • Diameter:0.70''
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TXDC17W

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