Promark TXGKAWW Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Drumsticks

$19.99 $23.50


Designed in collaboration with Wilco's Glenn Kotche, ProMark Active Wave 570s are truly first-of-their-kind drumsticks. Featuring ActiveGrip, a heat-activated grip coating that adheres to your hands when they heat up and sweat, and contoured WaveHandles, which provide you with additional grip and a comfortable place for your fingers, it's almost impossible to drop these sticks, and they simply feel great. At Sweetwater, we've also discovered that WaveHandles make for a cool alternative sound source! Simply put, ProMark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 drumsticks are very comfortable, virtually drop-proof, and ready to rock your kit!

Tech Specs
  • Type:Sticks
  • Material:Hickory
  • Model:Glenn Kotche Active Wave
  • Tip Material:Wood
  • Length:16.75"
  • Diameter:.570"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TXGKAWW

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