Promark TXMP420XW-AG Mike Portnoy Activegrip 420X Drumsticks



Promark Hickory 420 drumsticks were designed by acclaimed progressive rock drummer Mike Portnoy. The short, quick taper of these sticks provides you with a responsive feel, excellent forward balance, and surprisingly little rebound. Expect a bright, articulate sound from these drumsticks, thanks to their oval nylon tip. A lot of the drummers at Sweetwater use hickory drumsticks like Promark Hickory 420s because hickory's resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel make for such an enjoyable drumming experience.

Tech Specs

  • Type:Sticks
  • Material:Hickory
  • Size:5A
  • Model:Mike Portnoy TX420N
  • Tip Material:Nylon
  • Length:16.125"
  • Diameter:0.531"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TX420N

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