PRS Stealth Cabinet 75w 1x12 w/ Closed Weave Black Grill Cloth



Do you want a vintage tone to match your Archon or HXDA amplifier? Check out the PRS Stealth 1 x 12" extension cabinet. Loaded with a premium Celestion G12T-75 speaker, this ruggedly built cab features a classy color scheme that looks great. The PRS Stealth 1 x 12" also gives you the great tone you'd expect from a classic closed-back cabinet, plus a range of expression that complements any style of music.

The G12T-75 is a classic-sounding Celestion with epic power handling

Celestion's G12T-75 gives you classic British tone, with enough power handling for today's powerhouse amps. In the 1960s, Celestion's original Greenback speakers helped shape generations of guitar tone and became a staple of modern music. With its warmth and distinctive growl, the G12T-75 serves up the essence of British guitar tone, with low-end grunt complementing its warm mids, crunchy upper-mids, and sweet highs.


Wood(s): Birch Plywood

Colors: Stealth w/ Closed Weave Black Grill Cloth

Speaker(s): G12T-75

Power-Handling: 75 Watts

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Weight: 37.6 lbs

Dimensions, LxWxH: 24' x 10.5' x 18'

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