Rock Instrumentals Ukulele Ensembles Late Intermediate



The songs in this collection are playable by any combination of ukuleles (soprano, concert, tenor or baritone). Each arrangement features the melody, a harmony part, and a 'œbass' line. Chord symbols are also provided if you wish to add a rhythm part. For groups with more than three or four ukuleles, the parts may be doubled. This volume features 15 rock instrumentals: Beck's Bolero '¢ Cissy Strut '¢ Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) '¢ Frankenstein '¢ Green Onions '¢ Jessica '¢ Misirlou '¢ Perfidia '¢ Pick up the Pieces '¢ Pipeline '¢ Rebel 'Rouser '¢ Sleepwalk '¢ Tequila '¢ Walk Don't Run '¢ Wipe Out.

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