Seymour Duncan Hot Jazzmaster (Bridge) Pickup - Black

$89 $128


Position: Bridge

Overwound single-coil delivers a hot-rodded Jazzmaster tone with lots of growl in the bridge position and plenty of mids in the neck. This is the tone of a generation of surf guitarists and alt-rockers, on steroids.

With its Alnico 5 rod magnets and overwound coils, our Hot Jazzmaster pickups give you a hot, punchy surf tone with a big bump in the midrange. Chords really growl, and solos have a humbucker-like midrange cut. These sounds have been popular with alt-rockers and surf guitarists for ages, but they truly can do so much more. Sparkling cleans, grungy dirty tones, and bluesy sustain are all possible with these vibey pickups.


When used with our RWRP neck model, you will get hum-canceling operation when both pickups are used together. The Hot Jazzmaster is a drop-in replacement for Fender American Standard Jazzmaster sized pickups, and will fit perfectly into the original cover.*


Pair with our Hot Jazzmaster neck for a powerful balanced setup. We build these with hand-ground Alnico 5 rod magnets, a custom coil wind, vintage-correct flatwork, and each pickup is wax potted for squeal-free operation. (*Hot Jazzmaster pickups do not come with covers.)

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