Seymour Duncan Set, Bonamas CradleRk 63 Strat Aged



The Joe Bonamassa ‘63 Cradle Rock Strat® Set is a recreation of the powerful pickups found in one of the most sentimental guitars in his collection.

Joe Bonamassa first laid eyes on the “Cradle Rock” Strat as a teenager at the Philadelphia Guitar Show in 1994. He purchased the then-pristine 1963 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster, and it became one of the most sentimental pieces in his collection. Named after the Rory Gallagher tune Joe recorded on his debut album, the pickups in this Strat had a distinctive powerful sound that he wanted to share with guitarists chasing this seminal tone.

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop engineered the period-correct wind, aged the magnets, and color-matched the covers until Joe deemed these pickups a “spot on” recreation. Crafted in the Custom Shop, the Cradle Rock Strat Set is limited to 1000 units, with Joe’s printed signature on each pickup.


Output Category: Vintage
Magnet: A5
Lead: Vintage Push Back
DCR Bridge: 6.33
Middle: 6.15
Neck: 6.15
Neck & Middle EQ Bass: 5.0
Neck & Middle EQ Mid: 3.1
Neck & Middle EQ Treble: 9.1
Bridge EQ Bass: 5.0
Bridge EQ Mid: 3.2
Bridge EQ Treble: 9.0
Part: 11828-86

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