String Swing CC34 Side Loading Inline Guitar Rack

$129.99 $131.97


Side loading inline guitar rack. 

Crafted of locally sourced and responsibly harvested furniture quality Ash hardwood, this guitar rack adds beauty and convenience to any room of your home, studio, or office. The same high density rubber padding used on String Swing guitar hangers for 30+ years on all contact surfaces to protect the finish of your guitars and put your mind at ease.  

Holds up to 6 electric guitars or 3 acoustic guitars.


A = 25.5"

B = 14"

C = 30.5"

(When the rack is full of guitars, the outside of an electric body is approx. 20" from the wall & the outside of an acoustic body is approx. 21" from the wall. These are both with 1" tuner clearance from the wall.)

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