Stringjoy Light Top/Heavy Bottom Gauge (45-105) 4 St Long Scale Bass Strings



This Light Top Heavy Bottom set is the best of both worlds when it comes to bass guitar strings. The top ones will give you snappiness reminiscent of Indiana Jones™' whip, while the low strings will give you enough power to name your amp 'œThe Temple of Boom' thanks to the hexagonal core-wire that we use in all of our bass strings.

If you™'re looking for a set that even Jonesy would be proud of, then I think it™'s safe to say you™'ve stumbled upon the Holy Grail of bass guitar strings. Oh, and you don™'t have to worry about any ghosts or lightning bolts emerging from the box. We made sure to leave those out.

Our Long Scale Nickel-Plated Steel Roundwound bass string sets have a taper at 37.1in from the ball end. This is the ideal taper-length for all 34in and most non-string-thru 35in scale basses.

Gauges: .045 - .060 - .085 - .105

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