Stringjoy Naturals Extra Light Gauge (10-50) Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings



Our Extra Light Naturals are the perfect set for the players that want a fantastic sounding string without having to feel like they™'re pressing down on bridge cables in order to play a chord, which I™'m pretty sure we can all agree doesn™'t sound like fun.

Naturals are our take on Phosphor Bronze, which is great at bringing out the the authentic, woody characteristics of an acoustic guitar. It™'s this rich copper alloy that gives these strings a distinctly warm, resonant tone. The strings also have a rose gold color so beautiful you™'ll want to order an extra set just to frame and hang on the wall.

As an added bonus, component agents in this alloy make these strings especially resistant to corrosion, meaning your strings will sound better, longer. Who wouldn™'t like that?

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Gauges: .010 - .014 - .020w - .028 - .038 - .050

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