Ultimate Support GS-102 Genesis Series Double Guitar Stand



Genesis® Series Double-Hanging Guitar Stand with Locking Legs and Height Adjustable Yokes

The Genesis® Series GS-102 from Ultimate Support was thoughtfully designed to accommodate user requests for a two guitar stand that includes and includes all the great features you expect from the Genesis® line. Our patented leg-locking system adds a 4th leg to fully support both guitars while providing the necessary balance and stability. The protective padding on all four legs is designed to prevent damage to the finish on your guitar. Finally, our specially designed, adjustable neck lets you set height for cradling both guitars in an ideal position. The GS-102 brings all the features you love to the stand you’ve been asking for- and still folds up and locks to ensure a compact stand that’s easy to take with you

GS-102 Product Breakdown:

  • Height -Adjustable Dual Yoke System
  • Safety-Straps
  • Patented Leg Locking System
  • Super Stable and Portable
  • Friendly To Your Guitar's Finish
  • Built In Pick Holder
  • Part Number: 17602
  • Security Gate: Safety Strap
  • Fixed Cradle Height: 33.7" - 46.1" (856mm - 1170.9mm)
  • Adjustable Cradle Height: 32.2" - 44.5" (817.8mm - 1130.3mm)
  • Folded Size: 3.8" x 27.5" (96.52mm x 698.5mm)
  • Weight: 4.80 lbs. (2.17kg)

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