Voodoo Lab Giggity - Analog Preamp + Boost



Analog Mastering Preamp for Guitar

Giggity is a powerful and versatile tone shaping tool that brings out the best in any guitar and amp. The 4-position Sun/Moon preamp voicing selector offers a distinctive pallet of tones ranging from brilliant sparkling detail to warm and harmonically rich. Fine-tuning the sonic character is easy and intuitive using the Body and Air controls. Dial in Body to add thickness and tighten the low-end. Add Air to bring out the high-end shimmer and detail in your guitar's pickups. Each Giggity is handmade in the U.S.A using only premium components and features silent, true bypass switching.

Giggity features:

 Four Unique Preamp/Gain Voicings 
 Body & Air Fine-Tuning Circuits
 True Bypass via High Reliability Gold-Contact Relay
 Plexi Top Panel
 Hand built in the U.S.A.
 5-year warranty*

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