Voodoo Lab HX Current Doubler: Two 2.1mm straight - 2.5mm straight: 18”



Combines two high current Pedal Power outputs (400mA or greater) to power Line 6 HX Effects, Stomp, or Stomp XL. This cable features two BLACK 2.1mm barrel plugs to a single BLUE 2.5mm plug for use with standard center-negative polarity pedals. Recommended for use with Pedal Power X8, Digital, 4X4, MONDO, or Pedal Power 3 series supplies. Please note that this cable will not combine the voltages of the original outputs. Only the current supply will be combined.
Power Supply Connector:    2.1mm Straight Barrel Plug (2)
Pedal Connector:    2.5mm Straight Barrel Plug
Polarity:    Standard (Center Negative)
Length:    18 in / 46 cm

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