Vox Cambridge 50 Modeling Amplifier

$399.99 $419.99


  • The Cambridge50 is a modern modeling guitar amplifier powered by Nutube and Celestion for powerful and responsive tones.

  • The Cambridge50 is a modeling guitar amp that stands out from the competition by using Nutube and a Celestion speaker

  • Nutube is an actual vacuum tube in the preamp sections for real tube distortion and responsiveness

  • The headphone output, audio over USB, and 50W of output power make it perfect for practicing, recording, or even performing live.

    • Powered by Nutube

    • Celestion VX12 Speaker in an open-back cabinet

    • Eleven types of amp models with real tube response

      thanks to Nutube

    • Eight built-in effects (between modulation and

      delay/reverb) and a built in tuner

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