Walrus Audio Phoenix 120V Clean Power Supply

Sale price$279.00


With its four isolated 300mA outputs, the Phoenix has to power to run the larger guitar effect units that require more draw. Three outputs include a toggle option to run 9V or 12V (two outputs) and 9V or 18V (one output) giving life to pedals with unconventional power requirements. The Phoenix fits under most pedal boards such as the PedalTrain PT-2 and up.

The Walrus Audio Phoenix comes in a durable tour-proof midnight blue texture enclosure. Exact size is 9.75" long, 2.6" wide, 2" high. The artwork features original sketch artwork of a Phoenix bird with its wingspan sprawled across the top of the enclosure.


  • 9V 100mA x8
  • 9V 300 mA x4
  • 18V/9V 100mA x1
  • 12V/9V 100mA x2

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