DEMO Wood Violins Stingray SVX4 Violin, Candy Apple Red

$700 $829


Wood Violins Stingray SVX4 Violin, Candy Apple Red

with case, no bow

The Wood Violins Stingray SVX4 electric violin offers good tone and playability at an entry-level price that includes a basic dart-shaped case .

• Priced for the enthusiast, performance for the pro

• Features our full-bodied Wood Tru-Tone pickup with increased clarity and authenticity

• Lightweight composite tailpiece with precision fine tuners

• Enhanced ergonomic feel

• Simplicity and reliability for a lifetime of performance

• Completely silent until you plug it in, with volume you can control when you DO!

Body – Poplar

Fingerboard – Ebony

Pegs – Ebony

Chinrest – Ebony

Pickup – Wood Tru-Tone

Tail piece – Lightweight, precision composite

Scale –Standard 4/4 Violin

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