Yamaha SA2200 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Violin Sunburst

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Wolf Music Company is a small independent music store which means we don’t keep guitars in a box in a warehouse. We open, inspect, test, photograph and display every instrument that we sell which allows us to capture the grain of the wood to help you make a decision while purchasing online. This also allows us to package the instruments more securely since often times manufacturers packaging is inadequate.

In most cases the guitar in the photo is the one you will receive but from time to time we may have restocked an item or received more than one, so please message us if you have any requests or specifics. If the guitar is NOT on a wood wall its probably a stock photo, but send us a message and we can send a pic to you.

Semi-Hollow Body

What looks like a full acoustic guitar is actually a semi-hollow design with a center block located underneath the bridge to prevent feedback.



      Humbucker type with Alnico V magnets. Three-point support system provides fine height adjustment between pickup and strings.


        ① Front Volume

        ② Rear Volume

        ③ Front Tone (Push-Pull Coil Split)

        ④ Rear Tone (Push-Pull Coil Split)


          Precision design offers accurate height, tension and intonation adjustment.

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