Voodoo Lab 2 2.1mm straight barrels to 2.1mm straight standard polarity 18”

Sale price$7.99


Voltage Doubler Cable - 2.1mm Standard Center-Negative Polarity
For pedals with higher voltage requirements, the Voltage Doubler cable will combine two 9V or 12V Pedal Power outputs to create a single 18V or 24V output. This cable features two BLACK 2.1mm barrel plugs to a single BLACK 2.1mm plug for use with standard center-negative polarity pedals. Ideal for MXR Flanger and Dime Distortion, Crybaby 535Q, various Fulltone and Keeley products.
Power Supply Connector:    2.1mm Straight Barrel Plug (2)
Pedal Connector:    2.1mm Straight Barrel Plug
Polarity:    Standard (Center Negative)

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